ShopNetTV / Exmerce

ShopNetTV is an online video shopping network striving to build a community with an emphasis on staying local. 

Every time you make a purchase through ShopNetTV, they donate a portion of our profits to local charities. ShopNetTV has restaurants, clothing and many more products and services that are all local.


During my time at ShopNetTV / Exmerce as the Creative Director, I was responsible for all media related tasks. Video production, graphic production and design, motion graphics, animation, photography, photo manipulation, web page layout, social media and SEO tasks. Responsive web development and design using HTML5, CSS, and Wordpress CMS.


Banner Design

Different banners were designed to promote the new businesses that signed up for ShopNetTV. These were used on the ShopNetTV Website.

Video Production

The bread and butter of ShopNetTV. Primarily, most of my work with ShopNetTV involved recording and editing online videos with effects. In addition to the video shooting, I also created thumbnail and banner art for advertising purposes.

Business Cards

Business Cards were needed for the ShopNetTV team. I designed an impactful card to get the information into the right hands. 


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