Deerfoot Inn & Casino

Located in South Calgary, the Deerfoot Inn & Casino is a full-service hotel featuring 188 rooms, a conference centre for meetings and conventions, a giant indoor water park, as well as four restaurants. The casino and lounges are full of live entertainment and the showroom concerts will get you dancing.


During my time at Deerfoot Inn & Casino as the Digital Marketing Strategist, I was responsible for all graphic design and marketing duties. This includes designing, updating and reformatting marketing material such as promotional posters, business cards, coupons, tickets, and flyers. I was also responsible for maintaining their website via WordPress. When the next concert came in, I took photographs and videos for marketing. In addition to the digital work, I also was responsible for printing all their material using a large scale Ricoh printer. 

Poster Design

Posters are used around the property to advertise the exciting entertainment that the Deerfoot Inn and Casino brings, and were also used to advertise the different promotions that ran throughout the casino. 


Get up close and personal with some of your favourite acts. I photographed boxing events, concerts, karaoke competitions, and other events around the hotel and casino. The photos were generally used for social media use.


Print Material

In addition to the digital work, I also worked extensively with a large scale Ricoh printer.
I would print tickets, sales sheets, wedding packages, posters, flyers, business cards, coupons, menus and other items.